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Bathroom Pressure Balance Valves

A pressure balance valve is a sophisticated plumbing device that reacts to changes in the pressure of the output water. Typically, both hot and cold water sources are fed into a pressure balance valve, and its job is to ensure that the volume of water that leaves the pressure balance valve is a constant mix of these two sources, even if the delivery pressure of the two sources changes.

The use of pressure-balancing valves is soon becoming - and in some areas already is - a building code requirement. Protect your family from pressure surges and pressure loss - which can cause fluctuations in hot/cold water deliveries.

At Bath Emporium we carry a wide selection of Pressure Balance Valves. Kohler, Grohe, Perrin and Rowe, Delta, Rubinet, Moen, American Standard are just to name a few. Visit our showroom in Toronto or shop online

We ship to USA, Canada and other countries. Contact us for more details.

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