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Top Kitchen Faucet Trends in 2021

Kitchen Faucet trends

The kitchen faucet is arguably the most used feature in the kitchen. It has been reported that an average family presses the faucet approximately 40 times a day. An appliance that has been serving homeowners for decades by making water conveniently accessible.

Kitchen faucets come in different styles, forms, finishes, colors, and functionality that can make a world of difference in your kitchen space. Yet, it seems this hard worker is not getting the recognition it deserves. That is why we put together the latest and hottest trends in kitchen faucets.

Smart kitchen faucet

Smart Kitchen Faucet
Faucets are going hi-tech and will become a popular trend in 2021. Such devices can be turned on contactless or can be activated by voice command.

While touchless faucet has been around for a while, the pandemic has only but stressed its importance. Whether it is the heightened worry of spreading germs or the increased demand for hands-free functionality, the touchless faucets will be growing in demand in this new year. With these innovative faucet trends, you do not have to bother about spreading germs to your faucet and it can make you more productive in the kitchen.

Another technological innovation is voice-activated faucets which can be controlled by voice commands. With the software, a voice-faucet can turn on and off, fills containers to the required measurement, change water temperature, – all with a voice command. These go beyond a mere kitchen faucet to kitchen assistants that make your kitchen experience a hassle-free one while serving as a germ-inhibitor.

3-function spray head Faucets

The 3-function spray head faucet is another option that is set to bring convenience to the kitchen. These new collections have 3 different sprays which include the headstream, spray, and sweep mode. This means it is not only streams and spray water but also can come in a powerful curtain of water by increasing the boost button. This is much-needed when cleaning very dirty dishes or pots without the water splashing all over the place.

Another thing is that the spray head comes with an aerator. Therefore, you can expect a continuous flow of clean water for kitchen use, with an aerator that can be removed and cleaned. Moreover, the touch-clean spray holes make cleaning of calcium and lime build-up easy with only the swipe of fingers. Not your regular type of kitchen faucet.

It is versatile as it can help clean places that are difficult to reach and filling of the pot.
With different designs from different brands, including attractive finishes, you will surely find a perfect fit for your space.

Commercial Style Faucet

There is something about a commercial faucet that makes your kitchen appear modern, sleek, and more importantly, easy to use. This the latest trend that is catching everyone’s attention. And they are top chefs and high-end restaurant favorites due to the professional look and function. Multifionality is one feature consumers are prioritizing today. A faucet that can swivel 360%, juggle between heavy and steady spray, and one that can control the temperature.

This faucet is heavy duty and it is a great option for a dedicated home chef who values perfection and orderliness. Moreover, with the increased demand for kitchen appliances that are ADA complaints about disabilities or aging in place, getting the ideal commercial style faucet is the way to go.

Commercial-style faucets are modern, attractive and dramatic, relatively tall, and easy to clean. Besides, they have different finishes, designs, and functionalities, that are perfect for your needs and preferences.

Faucet finishes

Of course, the kitchen faucet trends list is not complete without including the faucet aesthetics and the finishes that will rock 2021. There is more to faucet finish than stainless which has been popular for years. Matte black has been making its way into designs and manufacturers are going further to include a shinier dark finish to provide sleek and shiny sophistication.

Another trend that is making waves is the white matte finish. While many people prefer a safe faucet, going white can make a statement piece that can spruce up your kitchen. It is also simple, graceful, and chic while screaming “cleanliness”.

If you do want to go with the brass or chrome designs, you should definitely consider copper finishes. Many are favoring the warmth, the historic vibes, and the handwrought workmanship that goes into making it. A warm copper finish can bring to mind vintage kitchen styling, french elegance, or Italian mid-century fantasy

Integrated Pull-Down Sprayers

Integrated Pull Down Sprayers
It’s time to say bye to the clunky-looking sprayer and welcome the sleek, seamless pull-down sprayers. This is something for home chefs who are as much serious about faucet designs as they are about functionality. A kitchen faucet with a professional, classy look is a must-have for a modern kitchen.

The attractive collections feature a wide range of styles, finishes, and advanced technologies like docking capabilities, and multifunction spray head.

Another important feature is the ergonomic function. The best kitchen faucets combine elegant high-arc designs with excellent ergonomic and functionality to deliver innovative solutions for a wide variety of kitchens including people with varying disabilities. You can simply full down spray head for close-up tasks or pull out of the sink for filling pots. Preparation and cleanups can’t be any easier.

What are your favorite trends or which one did we miss out on? Let us know in the comment!