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Neptune Zen Bathtubs for Uxbridge

Zen Bathtub

We are the source for Neptune’s Zen Bath Tubs for residents of Uxbridge.

Neptune’s Zen Bathtub is a luxury bathtub that gives you a modern look and a complete massage. The stylish Zen Bath tub comes with a 10 year warranty as well as a 2 year warranty for pump and components. The Zen bathtub also comes with a ¾ H.P. pump variable speed, and the blower comes with (1 ½ H.P./300W) heater.

The name ” Zen ” is Japanese. It derives from the Chinese ” Chan’an-na ” or ” Dhyana ” meaning meditation. As a matter of fact, it is a whole life philosophy that encourages waking up to the present moment and fully accepting reality. We find more and more of its applications in modern life.

The world of baths and showers is no exception, and Neptune introduced its Zen line of bathtubs. With its pure design and innovative look, it has quickly become one of Bath Emporium’s hot selling bath tubs.

If you are in the Uxbridge – Durham, Ontario area and are interested in the Zen Bathtub, drop by our location. Deliveries within the Toronto area is available for the Zen Bath tub.

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