Victoria And Albert Amiata Freestanding Bathtub

Victoria Albert Amiata bathtub

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The Amiata is a award winning bathtub from Victoria And Albert Baths. It’s luxurious freestanding tub with matching vessel basin, Amiata 60. With the design moulding to the curves of the body, the tub provides a comfortable and luxurious experience for the bather.

Available in six standard paint finishes, and spectrum of new RAL colors in gloss or matte finishes. Also Available in new Matte White finish on interior and exterior.

The Amiata bathtub will offer a timeless, modern look that would suit any type of bathroom and it provides a comfortable and luxury experience.

About Victoria And Albert Amiata Bathtub And Features

• Contemporary double-ended tub
• Made from ENGLISHCAST™
• One piece casting of Volcanic Limestone and resin
• Harder & more durable than acrylic
• Easy clean high gloss finish
• Exterior can be painted
• 25 year warranty
• Available in six standard paint finishes and spectrum of new RAL colors in gloss or matte finishes

Victoria And Albert Amiata bathtub Matte Black

General Specification:
Height: 24″
Width: 31 1/2″
Depth: 22 1/4″
Length: 64 3/4″
Weight Empty: 152 lbs
Capacity: 85 gallons
Product Code: AMT-N-xx-NO / AMT-N-xx-OF / AMTM-N-SM-NO / AMTM-N-SM-OF
Recommended Waste: Kit 36

The Victoria And Albert Amiata freestanding bathtub is on display at our showroom. We ship to all provinces in Canada and the USA. Please Feel free to Call us at (905) 944-0060 if you have any questions.

Our other collection of Victoria And Albert Freestanding Bathtubs include Barcelona, Barcelona 2, Amalfi, Pescadero, Ravello, York, Napoli, Hampshire, Vetralla, Terrassa, Ios, Richmond, Shropshire, Toulouse, and Ionian. we also carry basins and bath accessories.

For over 21 years from the same location in Markham, Bath Emporium has been satisfying customers with quality bathroom products, exceptional customer service and competitive pricing.

And so if you’re looking for a quality freestanding bathtub at a affordable price, consider Amiata Bathtub by Victoria And Albert. Let this bathtub add class and luxurious experience.