Bains Oceania Bathtubs

Bains Oceania Bathtubs

Quality and technology are seamlessly integrated with elegance and refinement. Each bath tub is a unique design in our outstanding family. Well-balanced lines, attractive profile and exceptional depth mean Oceania baths combine stylish design with incomparable relaxation.

At Bath Emporium we carry a huge selection of Banis Oceania bathtubs to serve the Toronto and surrounding markets. Come experience the variety of Oceania’s air massage systems to suite your house or condominium

Bains Oceania bathtubs features include the Super Aero Message, exclusive to Oceania, puts you in touch with each air jet, Strategically located in the sides and bottom of the bath. Millions of warm air bubbles careers and massage your entire body.

Bains Oceania Bath tub’s high-performance technology provides built-in body massage, a hygienic automatic self-drying system to prevent bacteria, and a modern internal warm air massage system with variable speed settings and wave and pulse action for the pleasure you crave.

Visit our showroom in Toronto and see for yourself the different Oceania Bathtubs that are available to fit into your bathroom. Our staff would be happy to assist you in all your needs to purchase the right model of Bains Oceania Bathtubs.

We also ship our products to any part of Canada and the USA.