Bathroom Pressure Balance Valves

pressure balance valves

A pressure balance valve is a sophisticated plumbing device that reacts to changes in the pressure of the output water.

Typically, both hot and cold water sources are fed into a pressure balance valve, and its job is to ensure that the volume of water that leaves the pressure balance valve is a constant mix of these two sources, even if the delivery pressure of the two sources changes.

The use of pressure-balancing valves is soon becoming – and in some areas already is – a building code requirement. Protect your family from pressure surges and pressure loss – which can cause fluctuations in hot/cold water deliveries.

Having a pressure balance valve is even more important especially if you live in an apartment or condo where water is shared by several units.

How does pressure balance valves work?

Pressure Balance Valves provide water at nearly constant temperature to a bathtub or a shower, despite pressure fluctuations in either the hot or cold supply lines. It has a diaphragm or piston inside that reacts to relative changes in either hot or cold water pressure to maintain balanced pressure.

A pressure balancing valve accomplishes the anti-scald function through either a balancing spool or a diaphragm system.

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