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Best Kitchen Sink Canada

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Looking to buy the best kitchen sink in Toronto, Ontario, Canada? Look no further, from top quality materials to exquisite craftsmanship, our collection of kitchen sinks will give you the quality you deserve. What’s a perfect kitchen without a perfect sink? We understand how important sinks are to the overall flow and function of your kitchen.

We will help you select the best kitchen sink for your home. Browse our wide range of single or double bowl configurations to integrate into any space in the kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of any modern home and has become the central point in our homes today. We tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen nowadays. And When it comes to investing in the right tools and equipment for your kitchen, never compromise on your kitchen sink.

It’s our goal to provide our customers with best quality products that offer great value, with functional fittings to make everyday tasks much easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen.

With wide range of kitchen sinks, installation methods, styles, configurations, and finishes, our collection provides a versatile kitchen solutions for many different homes and lifestyles. The kitchen sink is an essential part of our daily kitchen routine. It’s the appliance you will use the most and spend countless hours at every week.

There’s more to choosing a sink than just the design of it. The material your sink is made from can bring new and unique characteristics to your kitchen.

Our collection of kitchen sinks are available in variety of shapes, installations, sizes, and finishes. From stainless steel, to silgranit, to fireclay, and farmhouse sinks. Choosing the best kitchen sink for can be overwhelming process, this is were we can help and build your dream kitchen within your budget.

How To Choose Your Kitchen Sink?

How To Choose Your Kitchen Sink

Selecting the right kitchen sink is very important decision to make. Your sink will have a significant impact on your daily routine, so you want to buy the kitchen sink that’s best for lifestyle. Cooking, washing dishes, cutting and rest of food preparation can be enjoyable when you have the perfect sink.

The first thing you need to determine is your kitchen cabinet size before you decide to buy a new sink. Double check the minimum cabinet size requirement for the sink. Most standard kitchen cabinets come in size increments of 3″ (18″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 30″, 33″, etc).

Always know and measure your cabinet and countertop dimensions. The correct measurements are very important to ensure the sink, faucet, and other materials will fit perfectly.

Choose your sink style and Bowl configuration that suits the needs of your lifestyle and household.

Single Bowl are popular for their functionality and the size. Large items can be maneuvered with ease. They’re excellent choice to maximize the space available.

Double Bowl: Double bowls can be used by more than one person at same time. Each sink bowl can be used for different tasks. Washing dishes is very easy and comfortable with a double bowl set up.

Low Divide Double Bowls: These sinks are available in equal double or offset configurations. They allow large items to fit inside the sink, while one side can be used for washing dishes.

Offset Double Bowls: Creates a slightly larger work area inside the larger bowl compared to the equal double bowl sink. The small bowl of this sink is perfect for the tasks that don’t demand a lot of space.

Kitchen Sinks Materials

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

The most popular material for kitchen sinks is Stainless Steel, because of it’s durability, resistance to any scratches and denting.

Stainless steel has been the material of choice for commercial and residential kitchens for many years.

A stainless steel sink is timeless and integrates beautifully in any modern kitchen environment. 65% of the sinks in North America are made of stainless steel. They’ll look good in any kitchen.

Stainless steel is the material most frequently used for sinks. This material has non-porous surface which prevents dirt and bacteria from accumulating and is impervious to water stains and calcium deposits, making it very easy to clean and maintain.

What makes them so special is that they can handle high temperatures, easy to clean, naturally hygienic, durable and and long lasting.

Silgranit Kitchen Sinks

Blanco silgranit sink

Beautiful, Strong And Clean

Silgranit kitchen sinks are admired all around the world for their exclusive styles and colors. These sinks are very easy to clean, strong, look beautiful and used advanced engineering to produce a material that easily withstands everyday wear and tear.

With such a wide assortment of styles, configurations, colors and sizes, you will not only find, but also fall in love, with your new Silgranit sink. Color can be a very powerful tool to uplift and can inspire. With adding Color to your kitchen sink can have a positive impact on how you interact with your kitchen area.

Silgranit sinks are available in Coal Black, Coal Black, Concrete Gray, Cinder, Anthracite, Metallic Gray, Truffle, Café, Biscuit, And White.

Blanco Silgranit sinks are tested, certified, listed as a composite stone material and are proudly made in North America at their manufacturing facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

Blanco undermount kitchen sink

Undermount kitchen sinks offer simplified sink cleaning and space saving efficiency. They’re great for washing any types of dishes.

An undermount sink mounts directly to the bottom of the countertop and requires a very strong countertop material to hold it securely in it’s place. Large pots and pans can be cleaned and washed with ease.

Why Choose An Undermount Sink?

Undermount sink creates attractive, clean lines, while giving you more counter and sink space in your kitchen.

The best advantage of an undermount sink is that there is no lip to catch dirt. Because there is no lip to form an obstruction around the sink, you can wipe food and liquid directly into the the sink.

Undermount sinks ease cleanup tasks and bring a streamlined look to your kitchen.

Franke Kitchen Sinks Canada

Franke Canada Granite Sink

Franke manufacture and process their kitchen materials with superior craftsmanship. As a result, these high quality materials will help you achieve the kitchen atmosphere and cooking style you want.

Franke has produced and delivered over 50 million sinks all around the world. They’ve worked with stainless steel for over 100 years and has thrived on innovative engineering, outstanding design and been designing kitchen solutions since 1930.

They design their products and systems to be just as beautiful as they are easy to use.

Blanco Kitchen Sinks Canada

Blanco Canada Farmhouse Sink

Blanco Canada offers an impressive selection of kitchen sinks in stainless steel, silgranit, fireclay, and farmhouse. The Kitchen Sinks are known for their modern design, ergonomic handling and reliable product quality. These sinks are in a wide range styles, sizes, finishes to suit a wide variety of kitchens.

Blanco sinks are made from superior quality. Their sinks will keep the brilliance and value for decades.

All Blanco sinks and faucets are supported by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Blanco Kitchen Accessories are designed to make your life in the kitchen easier. These accessories are available for drop-in, undermount and farmhouse sinks, they work together with your sink and faucet to create a seamless, highly functional kitchen experience.

Cutting boards, sink grids, workstations and colanders are available with many Blanco sinks to create the ultimate Blanco Unit experience.

Several of Blanco sinks are made in Canada.

The Shaws of Darwen Sinks

shaws sinks Canada

When shaws of darwen was founded in the closing years of the 19th century, they had a vision – to make the finest handcrafted fireclay sinks.

From country cottages to modern farmhouses to contemporary lofts: whatever your design vision, there’s a timeless beauty that a Shaws kitchen sink adds to the most intimate of spaces.

With styles that span genres as well as generations, each collection is inspired by their rich archives and re-imagined for 21st century living.

Each sink is made by hand by a single master craftsman. This human touch is what sets their handcraft apart, for a result that’s beautiful, original and timeless.

Kindred Sinks Canada

Kindred Sinks Canada

With a wide range of styles, configurations, and sizes, Kindred offers versatile, reliable sinks built for hard work and made to last very long time. From stainless steel to natural granite, apron front to classic drop-ins, Kindred sinks will suit any interior style.

The Kindred collection includes three distinct lines of sinks. Handcrafted with 18 gauge stainless steel, the apron front, undermount, and Dual-mount sinks are built to perform and designed to last decades.

At Kindred, they believe for and function are one and the same. They offer a vast array of styles and materials to suit any aesthetic or project scope.

401808 Blanco profina fireclay apron kitchen sink

We offer the best kitchen sinks available in Canada.

Selecting the sink best suited for your kitchen and lifestyle involves more than just the size and shape. Our team of expert kitchen designers will walk you through the entire process of choosing a sink that’s perfect for you.

Shipping is available to all provinces in Canada including Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Saskatchewan, And Manitoba. We also ship to USA as well.

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