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Traditional To Modern Bathroom Vanity Ideas For Every Style and Space

Choosing the right, modern bathroom vanity is not an easy task. There are many different shapes, sizes and materials to choose from. Even though it seems that all vanities have one thing in common; they’re all able to hold stuff. However, there’s more to a vanity than that! To help you find the right vanity […]

Bathroom Mirror Designs To Consider In 2022

Sidler bathroom mirrors

A modern and unique bathroom is a dream for many homeowners. While bathroom remodeling is not an easy project, you can make it more convenient by picking up one task at the moment. Therefore, Bath Emporium propose one of the most important elements, bathroom mirror. Every bathroom needs a mirror, or two, to aid in […]

Top Kitchen Faucet Trends in 2021

Kitchen Faucet trends

The kitchen faucet is arguably the most used feature in the kitchen. It has been reported that an average family presses the faucet approximately 40 times a day. An appliance that has been serving homeowners for decades by making water conveniently accessible. Kitchen faucets come in different styles, forms, finishes, colors, and functionality that can […]

Renovate Your Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune

renovate your bathroom

Renovate Your Bathroom Without Spending A Fortune So you want to give your bathroom a new touch without draining your pocket. There are different smart ways to give your bathroom the beauty and treat it deserves. After all, who doesn’t like to start and end the day in a posh relaxing bathroom that is pleasing […]

How To Choose The Best Accessories For Your Bathroom

bathroom accessories

A modern and attractive bathroom comes from the combination of its fixtures and accessories which also determines its look and mood. Many items fall under bathroom accessories from the towel rack, bathtub, soap dispenser, ceilings, toothbrush holder, floor to the jacuzzis. Choosing the best accessories for your bathroom can be challenging as there is a […]

Sonia Bathroom Vanities

Sonia Bathroom Furniture, Vanities, And Mirrors View Our Catalogue At Bath Emporium we are proud to carry the Sonia Bathroom Vanities collection as part of our Custom Bathroom section. Sonia Vanities, Furniture, Mirrors and Accessories are of excellent quality and use only the top quality materials. Ultimately, Sonia’s passion is not only to satisfy, but […]

Madeli Vanities

Madeli Bathroom Vanities

We carry complete collection of Madeli Vanities, Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets. Our collection of Madeli Bathroom Vanities come in different sizes, styles and finishes and include models such as Alassio, Euro, Estate, Villa, Sanremo, Savona, Euro, Soho, Urban, Genova, Venasca, Sorrento, Silhouette, Cube, Euro, Metro, Retro, Savona, Vicenza and Rimini. The sizes for these beautiful […]