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How To Choose The Right Kitchen Sink ?

choose the right kitchen sink

When it comes to functionality, the sink is undeniably the center of every kitchen. From food preparation to dish and hand washing, what other items in the kitchen perform as many functions as the kitchen sink?

Hence, kitchen sinks arguably are one of the kitchen investment decisions you want to get right. You want a sink that will fulfill your needs for a lifetime without sacrificing the aesthetics. After all, this is something that will stay in your kitchen and impact your daily activities for years.

However, with all the myriad of fantastic kitchen sinks out there, you might find yourself being drowned in a pool of options. We have done the hard work for you. Here are important things to consider when choosing a sink for your new kitchen for a smooth yet beautiful kitchen journey.

Size of the Kitchen Sink

Size of the Kitchen Sink
Before going sink shopping, you need to consider the size of the sink that will be ideal for your kitchen. Do you enough space in the kitchen for a big sink? How well can your cabinet size accommodate the sink? What are your budgets? This means you have to measure your cabinets and countertops before deciding on the size of the sink to go for. And of course, the bigger the size, the higher the price of the sink.

Functionality of Sink

Functionality of Kitchen Sink
Choosing kitchen sinks also depends on your needs, the frequency of usage, and lifestyle. While an avid cook or a large family will need preferably two large sinks, a single user can make do with a standard size sink. However, it is always better to go with a larger sink if there is enough space to accommodate it. Moreover, a multiple-user sink might need a draining board for more convenient kitchen life. Remember that this also requires more space.

Material of Kitchen Sink

Material of Sink
The importance of choosing the right sink materials cannot be overemphasized as it will greatly impact not only the aesthetics but also the durability of the sink. Therefore, be realistic about the usage and frequency of cleaning.

When it comes to kitchen sink material, stainless steel takes the forefront as it is the most popular choice among homeowners. A stainless sink is a highly durable, easy-to-clean material. It is also relatively inexpensive and one that can blend in with any kitchen style-whether traditional or modern. However, metal steel can get scratch easily and can be considered a bit noisy. Composite granite is another option that is also less expensive and more durable but less attractive than the rest. Cast iron sinks remain popular for their durability and easy maintenance. The smooth glossy finish helps hide water spots and steaks. However, it comes with high price tags.


Homeowners are going beyond selecting a sink for cooking or cleaning but also to meet their personal style. Whether it’s for socializing, entertaining, or even working, the point is many people spend a lot of time in the kitchen daily. With the sink being the focal point for cleaning, handwashing, or making coffee. This means you need to find a kitchen sink that is not only functional but also matches your kitchen decor. The good thing is whatever your kitchen decorative theme- a sleek modern kitchen, farmhouse, or traditional, there is always a kitchen sink type that will fit perfectly. Moreover, you can never go wrong with a composite kitchen sink which comes in a wealth of different colors that can match any decor or style of the kitchen.

Styles of Kitchen Sinks

Styles of Sinks

Wondering how to choose a kitchen sink? Kitchen sink style and installation is another crucial aspect to consider when selecting the right sink for your new kitchen. For this, there are top mount sink, under-mount, farmhouses among others.
Top mount sinks also referred to as drop-in sinks are renowned for their easy installation and are generally more affordable. The bowl is dropped within a cutout hole, with the rim resting on the worktops. Although these rested edges help hold the sink securely in place without falling straight to the ground, they can also collect dirt and grime. Top mount pairs well with any type of countertops including porous, or affordable laminated ones.

Undermount sinks as the name suggest sits below the counter to give a smooth, seamless attractive lines in the kitchen. It is also easier to clean but is generally more expensive than top mount and it requires professional installation. Moreover, it is best paired with non-porous, waterproof countertops like granite or composite.

If your kitchen look and feel is more of a farmhouse, select farmhouse sinks to complement the style. This type is available in different styles, materials, and colors. One distinctive feature is the apron fronts which tend to add a decorative vibe to your countertops. They, however, come on a high end due to the installation difficulty.


Other items such as faucets might seem like an easy enough decision but can make or mar your kitchen sink usage experience. You want a kitchen sink that coordinates well with the taps and faucets except if you are planning to get another faucet installed. For instance, if there is only one hole on the sink, a sinkhole faucet will fit the application. Therefore, it is essential to consider the type of faucet installed or to be installed before choosing a kitchen sink.

Although designing a kitchen can be an overwhelming experience. Having the right tips and understanding your options will make your kitchen sink hunting a hassle-free one. Plus, you get the right sink for your new kitchen space.