Fleurco Monaco Shower Shields

Fleurco Monaco Shower Shields

If you are in the process of renovating or redesigning your bathroom and looking for bathroom Shower Shields, look no further! You’ve come to the right place. We carry complete collection of Fleurco Monaco Shower Shields And Tub Shields. Our other collections of Fleurco shower doors include Kinetik, K2, Platinum, Evolution, Horizon, Skyline, Mercury, Glide , and Novara shower doors.

Monaco Shower Shields

Contemporary design is at its best with the Monaco European style frameless shower shield. Available with a round or square cut top, this versatile door offers a variety of hinge options to suit your décor style.

The gateway to your shower experience, Fleurco’s glass Monaco Shower And Tub Shields are designed and manufactured using the highest quality materials.

Fleurco Microtek Glass Protection

Caring for your shower door should be simple and stress free. All of Fleurco Monaco Shower Shields includes unique Microtek® glass protection. This invisible coating repels water, allowing it to bead off. As a result, it prevents soap scum, lime scale, salt, chemicals, and hard water damage from accumulating on your glass shower door.

Everyday products like shampoos and soaps can cause mineral deposits to accumulate on your shower door. Fleurco’s glass protecting technology alleviates the need for scrubbing and frequent cleaning between showers.

Microtek will keep your shower door in optimal condition thus creating a more hygienic shower space.

Fleurco Microtek cleaning chart

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