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Franke Kitchen Sinks for Woodbridge

Franke Kitchen Sinks

If you are in Woodbridge and surrounding areas and are looking for Franke Kitchen Sinks at very competitive prices, look no further. At Bath Emporium we have been retailing Franke Kitchen Sinks to the residents of Woodbridge and surrounding areas for many, many years, including undermount and drop-in sinks.

Since 1911, Franke has produced and delivered over 50 million sinks worldwide. One of Franke’s strengths in its kitchen sink design is its ability to combine both practicality and functionality with aesthetic beauty and durability.

Franke’s kitchen sinks allow room for individuality in a kitchen. Whatever style or color, Franke is sure to offer the perfect kitchen sink to suit it, with its various selection of colors, styles, shapes, and models.

Stainless steel is the traditional metal used in Franke kitchen sinks. It maintains a smooth and shiny appearance, being easy to clean and very durable. The synthetics used in these kitchen sinks give them surface that does not scratch or stain easily, and is able to withstand heat.

Come visit our showroom in Toronto (Markham) and see for yourself at the different models of Franke Kitchen Sinks to choose from.

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