Hot Water Dispensers

Having hot water at your fingertips throughout the day is a great convenience.

From your early morning coffee to your bedtime soup, you will find so many different uses for hot water.

At Bath Emporium, we carry a great selection of hot water dispensers made by Franke and Kohler.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. Kitchen is the place were you gather to prepare your meals, as well as the area for your comfort and entertainment.

With designs and a selection of handle styles, including easy-grip, easy-twist, and single- and dual-lever, you will find these hot water dispensers so useful in the kitchen.

Bath Emporium stuff have years of industry experience and are knowledgeable about the latest product trends, building and remodeling process.

Visit our showroom in Toronto and see for yourself the different hot water dispensers on display or shop from the convenience of your home by clicking on the catalog link.

We ship to USA, Canada and other countries. Contact us for details.