Kitchen Floor Tiles

When it comes to choosing your Kitchen Tiles, its best that you narrow down as to where you would need the new kitchen tiles. You would likely be using it as a backsplash or as a counter top or as the kitchen floor. This would also determine the type and durability of the kitchen tile needed.

Tiles can be stone, vinyl, cork, porcelain or glass. At Bath Emporium we carry a very impressive selection of kitchen tiles to suit your need and budget.

When it comes to floors, you are better off choosing a type of tile that would withstand the wear and tear. People walking around, spills, dishes being dropped, being cleaned by chemicals are bits and pieces that needs to be taken into consideration, when choosing kitchen tiles.

Backslash kitchen tiles on the other hand is where you don’t have to worry too much about the wear and tear and so, you can get pretty creative in designing something unique. But when doing so, keep in mind the food spatters from cooking, the water and the cleaning chemicals that it would be exposed to.

Countertop tiles, even though not required to be too durable, but needs to be able to handle all the oil spills, grease and heat. Our friendly staff would work closely with you in choosing the right kitchen tiles to give your kitchen the exact look that you had in mind, while paying close attention to where the tiles are going to be installed. Come … visit our showroom for great kitchen tile ideas. We serve residents of Toronto and surrounding areas.