We are the source for Lenova Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry sinks in Toronto.  We also serve the communities of Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Stouffville, Aurora and  Newmarket .  Other communities  include Pickering,  Ajax, Whitby,  Mississauga,  Oakville and Brampton.

Our line of Lenova Kitchen Sinks include CA-131 / Single Bowl, CA-133 / Triple Bowl, CA-134 / Double Bowl, CA-TM-DL-1H / Double Bowl, CA-TM-DL-3H / Double Bowl, CA-TM-ED-1HOLE / Double Bowl, CK-200 / Single Bowl, CK-201 / Single Bowl, CK-202 / Single Bowl, CT-100 / Double Bowl, CT-101 / Double Bowl, FC-30BI / Single Bowl, FC-30BK / Single Bowl, FC-30W / Single Bowl, SS-ADA-D32 / Double Bowl, SS-ADA-S23 / Single Bowl, SS-ADA-S30 / Single Bowl, SS-AP-D33 / Double Bowl, SS-AP-D36 / Double Bowl, SS-AP-S33 / Single Bowl, SS-AP-S36 / Single Bowl, SS-CL-D1 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D1-16 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D11L-16 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D11R-16 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D15L / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D15R / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D29 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D2L / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D2L-16 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D2R / Double Bowl, SS-CL-D2R-16 / Double Bowl, SS-CL-S2 / Single Bowl, SS-CL-S2-16 / Single Bowl, SS-CL-S3 / Single Bowl, SS-CL-S4 / Single Bowl, SS-CL-S8 / Single Bowl, SS-ET-01 / Single Bowl, SS-SPL-S2 / Single Bowl, SS-SPL-S3 / Single Bowl, SS-SPL-S4 / Single Bowl, SS-SPL-S5 / Single Bowl, SS-SPL-S6 / Single Bowl, SS-TM-25818-1H / Double Bowl SS-TM-33818-1 H / Double Bowl and SS-TM-33918-1H / Double Bowl

Lenova Bathroom Sinks include BAC-01 / Single Bowl, BZ-01 / Single Bowl, BZ-02 / Single Bowl, CB-120 / Single Bowl, CB-123 / Single Bowl, CB-124 / Single Bowl, CB-125 / Single Bowl, and CB-126 / Single Bowl. Single Bowl – Designer Series models include GV-01, GV-08, GV-10, GV-11, GV-12, GV-14, GV-30, GV-31, GV-32, GV-33, GV-40, GV-45, GV-50, GV-51, SS-B1 and SS-B2. Laundry Sinks include SS-LA-01 / Single Bowl, SS-LA-S23 / Single Bowl and  SS-LA-S30 / Single Bowl.

We are conveniently located in Markham with easy access to all major highways. We have been in the same location for almost 20 years carrying the California Faucet brand. We are one of Canada’s largest retailers of brand name bathroom and kitchen products. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you with all your bathroom and kitchen redesign, renovation and remodelling needs.

Drop by our showroom  to see the many Lenova Bathroom, Kitchen and Laundry sinks on display and talk to one of our specialists.