Maax Bathroom Showers

Maax Bathroom Showers

The Maax bathroom shower series accommodates both large and small bathrooms with well-positioned water fixtures and many more intricate details creating an effortless shower experience.

We at Bath Emporium are the source in Toronto for all Maax bathroom showers. Our staff has extensive knowledge with all Maxx products including bath showers, Bathtubs, Shower Bases, Tub Showers, and Maax shower doors and would be happy to answer any questions regarding it.

Stamina, Geyser, Imagine, Primo, Urban are among the Maax bath showers that we carry at our showroom in Toronto.

If you are in the market to purchase a Maax bathroom shower, talk to us first. Our selection at prices would no doubt be of interest to you.

Visit our huge showroom in Markham, for all Maax bathroom showers and see for yourself the extensive collection of these fine maxax showers on display. Talk to our sales staff who would be happy to answer all your questions about the Maax bathroom showers.

If you live in the Markham, Ontario neighbourhood, we are probably in your backyard! We are located facing Woodbine between 14th Avenue and Hwy 407 on the west side.

Depending on where you live in Markham, you have easy access to us by coming along Hwy 7 and going south on Woodbine. If you still are unable to find us, give us a call on 905.944.0060, and we would be happy to direct you from wherever you are.