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Toto Canada Washlet

We have huge collection on Toto Washlet collection on Sale in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Washlet is Toto’s Award Winning bidet, seat, which fits most of the toilets sold in Canada And USA. An Electronic Bidet Seat featuring adjustable warm water cleansing, heated seat, dryer, deodorizer and much more.

Toto Washlet are very easy to Install. Consumers may refresh their bathroom with Washlet in less than an hour and immediately begin enjoying the cleanliness and comfort of personal cleansing with warm water.

What Are The Benefits Of Using TOTO Washlet?

Using water is a more effective way to cleanse post toileting than dry toilet paper. In addition, Washlet technology helps keep your toilet bowl clean without harsh chemicals, which benefits the environment.

Premist sprays the bowl before use, and Ewater+ sprays the bowl after each use, preventing waste buildup to keep the bowl clean.

  • WAND DOOR: Prevents unwanted debris by concealing the wand when not in use
  • SEAMLESS SEAT: The luxury seat design eliminates space for dirt and grime to accumulate
  • CLEAN RESIN: Repels dirt particles and enables liquids to bead on surfaces for a more efficient clean