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Rubinet Bathroom Faucet

From Rubinet comes a collection of fine bathroom faucets. Aside from the fine design and optimum performance, all are marked by cohesive design standards and attention to detail that that has made Rubinet bath faucets a leader in the industry. At Bath Emporium Toronto, we are proud to carry this brand.

You find the Rubinet bath faucets on display at our huge showroom in Toronto. You could also view our online catalogue by clicking on the link.

Forged from brass, each Rubinet bath faucet is hand polished, textured and finished using state-of-the-art technology.

Talk to us first about your need for a bath faucet for your bathroom renovation, redesigning or faucet replacement in your condominium or house.

Our experts would be happy to guide you to choose the right Rubinet faucet at the right price.

We also ship across Canada and the USA.

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