Steam Shower Units

Maax Stamina 48-I steam shower units
Steam shower units produces water vapor using a humidifying steam shower generator.

These types of showers are becoming increasingly popular, due to technical innovations resulting in lower costs, along with an overall increase in the appearance of luxury spa products in the bathrooms.

Enjoy the relaxation and health benefits of steam bathing through our collection of fine Steam Shower Units, such as Rain Forest, Stamna, Soprano and Maestro by Maax.

We bring affordable luxury right into the privacy of your own home to relieve yourself from the stress of daily life.

Let the warmth penetrate your body from head to toe and ease those tired muscles while deep cleansing your skin.

Embrace The Power Of Steam

Steam Shower Units will transform your life and will leave you feeling and looking better. Your home steam shower will be an oasis of comfort and luxury you will look forward to every day. We make Luxury affordable at Bath Emporium.

Individuals with dry skin find steam’s penetrating effect helps moisten the skin. Steam units improves blood flow, while it expels impurities and toxins from the body. The steam generator units fits in virtually any location.

Visit our showroom in Toronto and let the plumbing experts at Bath Emporium help you in choosing the right Steam Unit or call us for details.

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