Walk in Bathtubs and Barrier Free Bath Tubs

acrylic luxury series 28x48-inch walk-in bathtub
Barrier free bath tubs / Walk in bathtubs are commonly used to help the disabled and handicapped to experience a great bath with ease of getting in and out.

Handicapped and disabled bathtubs (also known as walk in bathtubs) are designed with doors for easy access. But comes with all the functionalities of a regular luxury bath tub.

Walk in bathtubs have numerous safety benefits which can help in bathing much easier for people with limited mobility.

These bathtubs are beneficial to people with wheelchairs who need help getting in and and out, especially seniors who can’t step over a conventional bathtub.

At Bath Emporium, you would find the right barrier free bathtub or acrylic walk in bath tub (walk-in skirted bath tub) at affordable prices.

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